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Spring Application Context example

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the ApplicationContext interface. We will also find the difference between  BeanFactory interface and ApplicationContext interface.What is ApplicationContext? ApplicationContext is an advanced version of BeanFactory and it also has some great feature which helps us while developing any Spring application.ApplicationContext is the central interface

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p namespace and c namespace in spring

P namespace and C namespace in spring

p namespace and c namespace help us to reduce the configuration size of XML bean in both of the injection setter as well as Constructor Injection. These are configured as below:p:propertyName="  " and  c:constructorName="  " .Example:p:department-ref="department" p:name="John" p:age="26"deparment,name and age are propertyNamec:deptName="LA"deptName is constructorNameSimple XML configuration  for class beans Employee and

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Spring Autowired

Spring Autowired with Example

Spring Autowired feature of spring framework enables you to inject the object dependency implicitly. It internally uses setter or constructor injection.Spring Autowire can't be used to inject primitive and string values. It works with reference only.Spring Autowired modes: There are many autowiring modes:No. Mode Description1) no It is the default autowiring mode. It means no

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Spring Framework in java

Spring framework in java

Spring framework in javaSpring framework is an application framework, which used to develop various types of java, J2EE application. Spring framework is open source, lightweight, loosely coupled, aspect-oriented and dependency injection based java application framework.open source: It is not only free software but its source code is also exposed to the

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